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Madison Scott at 5'1 and 90lbs with huge DD breast is bound in a traditional Japanese torture position, make to cum and squirt. Inescapable bondage!

Madision Scott is the perfect package of sex. At 5'1, 90lbs and with DD breasts, this tiny thing screams fuck me without saying a word.

Bound in a traditional Japanese torture position, Madison Scott now knows the true meaning of helpless. Her huge tits are tightly and cruelly bound. Her arms neatly encased behind her and her legs crossed. She is is pulled into a tiny tight package with a rope from her neck to her ankles and left to suffer.

By simply pushing Madison to her back, you see the real diabolical purpose of the tie. On her back Madison's pussy and ass are widely exposed and vulnerable. Anything you would want to do sexually to a victim of this tie is now possible, she is more then helpless and can do nothing on the planet to stop you if you wanted to.

We decide to finger fuck her silly, we make her squirt and cum over and over. We add a vibrator to her clit and she comes again, she can't help it, she can't stop it. All she can do is moan and cum. That's it, oh... and there is suffering too. It is a torture position, after all..

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Lolita Haize, is bound upside down, with brutal mouse traps on her sensitive nipples. We make her cum over and over while making her suck cock!

Welcome Lolita Haize to Hogtied! . This 20yr old tiny thing is as sexy as they cum. This is her first day experiencing bondage at the professional level.

Trapped, spread and inverted, Lolita's mouth is right at cock height. She is helpless to stop the mouth fucking as we jam a dick down her beautiful sexy throat. Today is an exercise in multi-tasking. Can our tiny girl take a good tonsil fucking and still cum at the same time? Well, she'd better, or today is going to be a long, painful, brutal day for Lolita.

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Whip or Tickle. It's a great game we play, with girls who hate to be tickled. We tickle them till they scream whip me, we whip them till they say...

Little Jessie Cox in her thigh-highs and pigtails looks almost too cute to fuck with... almost.

Whip or tickle Biatches: a little game Matt Williams invented, and it is so much fun. We tickle them till they scream "WHIP ME!!". Then we whip them till they scream louder "TICKLE ME!!". Rinse and repeat without any breaks, then make them cum fast and hard, and start the whole thing over again.

It's one of the most brutal attacks on the human body you can imagine. No time to breathe, you laugh, or you scream - and you are cumming, over and over. The result is usually a human body nearly passed out on the floor when you finish with them. Like we said, fun!!

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