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Sabrina Fox, Berlin

The truth is Sabrina Fox has a big snatch. Berlin will prove that Sabrina's lovely cunt can take it all. Sabrina is warmed up with some tit torture before being tied down to the examination table for some shocking orgasms as her pussy is spread with electrified forceps. Her mouth is pried open with a dental gag, then she is fisted by Mz. Berlin's skilled hands. Her cunt is spread some more with a speculum. Now it's time for some good old-fashioned strapon fucking, first in doggie, and finally in a tough suspension.
The gyno exam clip is very good: closeup and electricity. Does someone write for Mz. Berlin or is she speaking extemporaneously? Fantastic verbal skills! Sabrina Fox is fashion model pretty.

-- BobbiFan

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Dakoda Brookes

Dakoda Brookes idea of BDSM is playing with velcro cuffs. Today she finds out that real bondage is a totally different reality. She is immobilized with rope pulling her arms up above her, her tits are clamped and weights applied, her hot, tight body is flogged hard, and she's forced to cum (which is incidentally the first time she's had a real orgasm on an adult shoot). She's laid down, her panties are ripped off and stuffed in her mouth, and an electrode is sunk into her snatch. How will this bitch like electro-play? Before her strapon fucking, Dakoda's pussy is hot-waxed, and after a sound spanking she takes Chanta's strapon cock.
CHANTA ROSE'S BEST SUMMER JOKE or the ALEA OF COMPARISON. I know personally after the battle (having been a woodsman into the back country) what I want to tell. But in front of such a supreme joke, I'm afraid to be obliged to show myself rambling to & fro. I personally do not love Dakoda Brookes, that was clear from my harsh comments on F&B some silly donkey had the stupidity of reproaching me, as if I were a mere shit on the pavement, himself only able to say she was a goddess for him without commenting the shoot. Basta! I know! I'm not Chantas's husband, nor some guy she has ever seen into the eyes into her own life ; but I have a drastic gift from myself, indifferent to time and space : the gift of empathy. Having commented numbers of Chantas's shoots on CB, I feel I'm able to feel myself in empathic mood about what's happening in some shoot she's acting into. That's clear here, it needed about 5 minutes for her to feel herself bored with this absolute dead fish and if someone is able to contest this, I have my quotation from Chanta at start : «You have been FAKE everytime». Thus where is the joke? I wonder if a French man, writing into English, is not linked to endless periphrases about the stuff? Well, the joke is just about comparing two domes (Chanta & Amber) about two disasters on "cold fishes" - Monroe & Dakoda. I feel fine, just now, nobody having suspected the supreme joke, and having commented the Dakoda's update as if it had been a real update shoot. I feel myself someway too talkative in this review - just because we are here into META- commentary, for the joke only. Who's the winner, of these two failures, Amber or Chanta? Because nobody has ever figured the challenge, in this summer hot sweating time - I will leave the question open, but do know, I've my answer. RJ

-- regisjean

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Amber Rayne, Monroe Valentino

Monroe Valentino's body belongs to Amber Rayne today. She's delivered blindfolded and Amber wastes no time in ripping clothes off, flogging, slapping, and sucking painfully on her bitch's tongue. A first forced orgasm is delivered before Amber sinks the samurai electro-stim deep into Monroe's snatch for more shocking forced orgasms. Monroe is tied in a tough back-arching position where Amber Rayne face-sits Monroe and subjects her to a game of breath play. Now ready for a solid fucking, Monroe is tied down in doggy, she's brutally fisted then strapon fucked.
I absolutely LOVED this shoot. Monroe has the ultimate "slut factor". The bleached hair, heavy tattoos and pure response to submission. Her squirming and straining as her clit response was used against her was classic. I have become a BIG fan of Amber Rayne. The diabolical laugh she has as she delivers torment/pleasure is great. Two very hot women and a strong pure performance level. CB has outdone itself and I'm sure will again. BRING MONROE BACK.

-- execpgh

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