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Kurt Lockwood, Sydnee Capri

Kurt Lockwood sees what Sydnee Capri's t-shirt reads and decides she will be put in her place. He rips her clothes off and let's the flogger do the work. Sydnee's dirty feet are caned and her hard nipples are abused with heavy weights. Kurt forces his bitch to suck his cock while he works and loosens her asshole. Yes, because her ass is about to be fucked real hard. Many pussy and ass orgasms later it's time for Kurt to unload his cum all over his slave's pretty face.
as a blk sub i loved seeing this one she is sexy... Kurt is always sexy...

-- janea

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Otto Bauer, Savanah Gold

Savanah is used to getting what she wants from men, she's hot, blond, and has huge tits. But today she will learn that not all men are the same. Master Otto shackles and collars her, and forces her to strip naked. She's bound in tight ropes and the training begins. Deep throat training is followed by harsh anal fucking. Savanah begs for her snatch to be fucked, she promises she will behave and please. So she's gagged and fucked hard. More ass fucking and spanking and finally Master Otto lets his load off on this pretty bitch's face.
Good Anal

-- Satan

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Cindy Crawford, Kurt Lockwood

It turns out Cindy Crawford is a real slut. She teases her detention teacher by spreading her legs open wearing no panties. Kurt Lockwood decides to teach this young whore some respect for the educational system. He begins by spanking her ass to a cherry red, then he sinks his cock deep into his student's throat. Once the rules of detention are laid out he ties her up and begins fucking her like an animal on his desk. Once Cindy cums hard from the pussy pounding, it's time to pay her butt hole some much needed attention. Finally Kurt's slutty student earns her grade by taking in a mouthful of hot cum.
ZZZzzzzzzz... you know what the problem with using porn actresses for this stuff is...? It gets too phony. I found the "role play" boring... maybe if you have a schoolgirl fetish it rocks your world, but otherwise it seemed... um, uninspired. Didn't like this one much at all.

-- bunnycaw

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